Konstantin Andreev

Born: 26 March 1848 in Moscow, Russia
Died: 29 Oct 1921 in Moscow, Russia

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Konstantin Andreev taught at the University of Kharkov from 1873 to 1898. While at Kharkov, he was promoted to professor of mathematics in 1879.

Andreev took a leading role in the foundation and development of the Kharkov Mathematical Society. This Society is one of the early mathematics societies and was founded in 1879, the year Andreev became a professor.

In 1898 Andreev left Kharkov to take up an appointment in Moscow where he was professor of mathematics. He remained in Moscow for the rest of his career.

Andreev is best known for his work on geometry, although he also made contributions to analysis. In the area of geometry he did major pieces of work on projective geometry.

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