August Leopold Crelle

Born: 11 March 1780 in Eichwerder (near Wriezen), Germany
Died: 6 Oct 1855 in Berlin, Germany

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August Crelle was a civil engineer in the service of the Prussian Government and worked on the construction and planning of roads and the first railway in Germany (completed in 1838). He founded the first journal devoted entirely to mathematics Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik in 1826. In addition he published a large number of textbooks and published multiplication tables that went through many editions.

Crelle realised the importance of Abel's work and published several articles by him in the first volume, including his proof of the insolubility of the quintic equation by radicals. In fact Abel and Steiner had strongly encouraged Crelle in his founding of the journal and Steiner was also a major contributor to the first volume of Crelle's Journal.

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