Gabriel Cramer

Born: 31 July 1704 in Geneva, Switzerland
Died: 4 Jan 1752 in Bagnols-sur-Cèze, France

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Gabriel Cramer worked on analysis and determinants. He became professor of mathematics at Geneva and wrote on work related to physics, also on geometry and the history of mathematics.

Cramer is best known for his work on determinants (1750) but also made contributions to the study of algebraic curves (1750).

References (4 books/articles)

A page from a work by Cramer:

Title page of Introduction à l'analyses des lignes courbes algebriques (1750)

References elsewhere in this archive:

Tell me about Cramer's work on matrices and determinants

Cramer worked on the Devil's Curve

Gabriel Cramer was elected to the Royal Society of London in 1749. You can see a history of the Royal Society and a list of the members among the mathematicians in our archive.

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