Louis Couturat

Born: 17 Jan 1868 in Ris-Orangis (near Paris), France
Died: 3 Aug 1914 in Between Ris-Orangis and Melun, France

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Couturat was educated at the École Normale Supérieure in philosophy and mathematics and then became professor at the University of Toulouse and the Collège de France.

Couturat worked on the unpublished works of Leibniz La Logique de Leibniz (1901) which brought him into contact with Russell. He produced, in 1905, an edition of Russell's Principia Mathematica with a commentary on contemporary works on the subject. He became a prime mover in the development of an international language Ido based on Esperanto.

Couturat was killed in a car accident, his car being in hit by the car carrying the orders for mobilisation of the French army the day war broke out. Ironically he was a noted pacifist. His other work includes De l'Infini mathématique (1896) and L'Algèbre de la logique (1905).

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