Florian Cajori

Born: 28 Feb 1859 in St. Aignan (near Thusis), Switzerland
Died: 14 Aug 1930 in Berkeley, California, USA

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Cajori emigrated to the USA in 1875. He became professor of applied mathematics at Tulane, and held various other chairs of physics and mathematics before being appointed to a chair in the history of mathematics at Berkeley in 1918.

An important historian of mathematics, Cajori wrote many important books such as A History of Mathematics (2nd ed. 1919), A History of Mathematical Notations, 2 vol. (1928-29), William Oughtred, a Great Seventeenth- Century Teacher of Mathematics (1916) and Newton's Principia published after Cajori's death in 1934.

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There is a Crater Cajori on the moon. You can see a list of lunar features named after mathematicians.

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