Boris Yakovlevic Bukreev

Born: 6 Sept 1859 in Lgov, Kursk gubernia, Russia
Died: 2 Oct 1962 in Kiev, USSR

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Boris Bukreev was professor of mathematics at the University of Kiev from 1889. The university had been founded in 1834 and had, from its foundation, a strong school of mathematics. Vashchenko-Zakharchenko was teaching at Kiev when Bukreev was appointed and he had a considerable influence on the direction of Bukreev's research.

Bukreev's work was in the areas of complex functions and differential equations. He worked on the theory and application of Fuchsian functions of rank zero. Bukreev also worked on geometry, in particular he was interested in projective and non-Euclidean geometry. He studied differential invariants and parameters in the theory of surfaces.

Bukreev published a number of books which proved influential. In 1900 he published A Course on Applications of Differential and Integral Calculus to Geometry and, in 1934, he published An Introduction to the Calculus of Variations. His most important book on non-Euclidean geometry was Non-Euclidean Planimetry in Analytic Terms which he published in 1947.

Bukreev was also interested in the history of mathematics.

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