Salomon Bochner

Born: 20 Aug 1899 in Cracow, Austria-Hungary (now Poland)
Died: 2 May 1982 in Houston, Texas, USA

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Bochner's Ph.D. from Warsaw in 1921 was on orthogonal systems of complex analytic functions. He worked with Harald Bohr, Hardy and Littlewood in Copenhagen, Oxford and Cambridge respectively. Much of this work was on the zeta function.

Bochner lectured in Munich from 1924 to 1933 and developed major results in harmonic analysis. His work developed into the theory of distributions. Driven out of Germany in 1933 he accepted a position at Princeton where he remained until he retired. He worked at this time on summation of Fourier series and was considered as one of the greatest experts on Fourier analysis. Bochner worked jointly with von Neumann for a while. His major books include Harmonic Analysis and the Theory of Probability (1955). In the 1960's he worked on the history and philosophy of mathematics.

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Salomon Bochner was the American Mathematical Society Colloquium Lecturer in 1956. You can see a history of the AMS Colloquium and a list of the lecturers.

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