Wilhelm Johann Eugen Blaschke

Born: 13 Sept 1885 in Graz, Austria-Hungary (now Austria)
Died: 17 March 1962 in Hamburg, Germany

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Wilhelm Blaschke spent some time with Bianchi, then with Klein, Hilbert and Runge. Then he went to Bonn where he worked with Study. In 1911 he went to work with Engel. Blaschke became professor of mathematics in Prague (1913), then in Leipzig (1915), then in Königsberg (1917). In 1919 he was appointed to a chair in Hamburg and he built up an impressive school there with Hecke, Artin and Hasse.

Blaschke's research was on differential and integral geometry and kinematics. An important book on differential geometry Vorlesungen über Differentialgeometrie (1921-1929) was a major 3 volume work. He originated topological differential geometry, the study of invariant differentiable mappings.

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