Jacques de Billy

Born: 18 March 1602 in Compiègne, France
Died: 14 Jan 1679 in Dijon, France

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Jacques de Billy entered the Jesuit order and studied theology at the Colleges of the Order. He was ordained a Jesuit.

Billy taught mathematics and theology at Jesuit colleges all his life. From 1629 to 1630 he taught mathematics at the Jesuit College at Pontà Mousson; during this time he was still studying theology.

From 1631 to 1633 Billy taught mathematics at the Jesuit college at Rheims. He became a close friend of Bachet, who was one of his pupils at Rheims. After this Billy taught in Grenoble and then was rector of a number of Jesuit Colleges in Chalons, Langres and in Sens.

From 1665 to 1668 he was professor of mathematics at the College of Dijon. One of his pupils in Dijon was Ozanam.

Billy corresponded with Fermat and produced a number of results in number theory which have been named after him. He also published astronomical tables.

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