Eugenio Bertini

Born: 8 Nov 1846 in Forli, Italy
Died: 24 Feb 1933 in Pisa, Italy

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Eugenio Bertini went to Bologna to study engineering. While there he took a course given by Cremona and this turned him to study pure mathematics.

Bertini fought with Garibaldi in the third war for Italian independence. He then returned to his studies, going to Pisa where he obtained a degree in 1867.

During 1868-69 he studied at Milan where he attended courses by Cremona, Brioschi, Casorati on Abel's integrals.

He began a teaching career in 1870 in a secondary school in Milan, then two years later he went to the University of Rome to teach descriptive and projective geometry. In 1875 he was appointed professor of geometry at Pisa. From 1880 to 1892 he held a chair at Pavia, then he returned to Pisa where he worked until he retired at the age of 75.

His work in algebraic geometry extended Cremona's work. He studied geometrical properties invariant under Cremona transformations.

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