Guiseppe Battaglini

Born: 11 Jan 1826 in Naples, Italy
Died: 29 Apr 1894

[Mathematiker Bild]

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Battaglini was prevented from obtaining a university post until 1860 when, in the period of Italian unification, the 'classical' school lost influence. A school of classical geometry had been set up in Naples by Fergola and his pupil Flauti and was so influential that it was able to prevent modern young geometers from obtaining posts.

Battaglini was appointed to Naples where, in 1863, he founded the Giornale di matematiche which became the main outlet for papers in non-euclidean geometry in Italy. In his doctoral dissertation of 1868 Klein introduced a classification scheme for second degree line complexes based on Battaglini's earlier work.

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