René-Louis Baire

Born: 21 Jan 1874 in Paris, France
Died: 5 July 1932 in Chambéry, France

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René Baire worked on the theory of functions and the concept of a limit. He studied under Volterra and his doctoral thesis (1899), on limit functions of continuous functions, was examined by Darboux.

His health was poor for long spells and, after writing his thesis, he was only able to contribute to mathematics for a few short spells. In 1902 Baire was appointed to the University of Montpellier and in 1905 to Dijon.

He wrote important analysis books including Théorie des nombres irrationels, des limites et de la continuité (1905) and Lecons sur les théories générales de l'analyse , 2 Vols. (1907-8).

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