Saint Albertus Magnus

Born: 1200 in Lauingen an der Donau, Swabia (now Germany)
Died: 15 Nov 1280 in Cologne, Prussia

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Albert (or Albertus) studied at Padua and joined the Dominican Order. Then he studied and taught at Padua, Bologna, Cologne and other German convents. He then was sent to the University of Paris where he read the translations of the Arabic and Greek texts of Aristotle.

While in Paris Albert began the task of presenting the entire body of knowledge, natural science, logic, rhetoric, mathematics, astronomy, ethics, economics, politics and metaphysics. He wrote commentaries on all of Aristotle's works with his own observations and experiments. By 'experiment' Albert meant 'observing, describing and classifying'.

Albert was made a Saint in 1931 and, in 1941, was made patron of natural scientists.

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