Giacomo Albanese

Born: 11 July 1890 in Geraci Siculo (near Palermo), Italy
Died: 8 June 1948 in San Paulo, Brasil

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Giacomo Albanese studied at the Institute of Physics in Palermo, graduating in 1903. He received his doctorate from the Scola Normale Superiore in 1913 having the distinction of receiving the 'Ulisse Dini' prize for his doctoral dissertation.

From 1913 to 1920 Albanese taught at Pisa, having leave for military service during the years 1917 and 1918. In 1920 he moved to Padua to become Severi's assistant. Although he was only to serve in this post for a few months it was to have a very significant effect both on the direction of his research and on his research output which increased markedly.

Albanese left Padua still in the year 1920 to take up a professorship in analysis and algebra at the Naval Academy in Livorno. Three years later he moved to the University of Catania, then in 1927 he returned to Palermo. From 1929 until 1936 he held a chair at Pisa, moving to San Paulo in Brazil in 1936. He spent the rest of his life in San Paulo and, according to [1]:-

There he created a very good mathematical library, especially rich in books of algebraic geometry. A Weil and O Zariski taught in San Paulo some years later and said that the library was a source of inspiration to both of them.
Albanese's research involved examining curves on algebraic surfaces and the genus of an algebraic variety. He considered the problem of resolution of singularities, a major problem in algebraic geometry, and produced some elegant results. He pioneered investigations related to the Riemann-Roch problem and studied the rational equivalence of 0-cycles on surfaces. His name is remembered today for Albanese varieties used as a standard tool in algebraic geometry.

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