Aida Yasuaki

Born: 10 Feb 1747 in Yamagata, Japan
Died: 26 Oct 1817 in Edo (now Tokyo), Japan

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Aida Yasuaki studied under Yasuyuki Okazaki in Yamagata from the age of 15 years. Then he went to Edo where he worked as a civil engineer but he hoped to become the best mathematician in Japan.

Aida wanted to become a pupil of Fujita but he was not accepted. A private feud started which eventually turned into a public feud between the Seki school of mathematics and the Sijyo school.

Aida compiled Sampo tensi shinan (1788), a book of geometry problems, developing formulas for ellipses, spheres, circles etc. He explained the use of algebraic expressions and the construction of equations. He also worked on number theory and simplified continued fraction methods due to Seki.

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